Even the Dogs Get It!


I think you’re gonna love this video, I know I did.  In my own experience, I certainly can relate to it, and I’m betting you also can relate to this idea of supportive friendship. Last March, before, during and after open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve, I was so blessed with the help of family and friends.  As a single guy I’d like to think that I did a lot to take care of myself, especially in getting ready for the surgery, but after surgery I was grateful when trusted family and dear friends dove in to make sure I could get back on my feet as soon as possible.  In less than two weeks, with their loving support and assistance, I was back to driving and being independent again.  I simply could not have recovered so quickly and so well without them.  Thank You, One And All – YOU know who you are!  I may not have been blind, like Gonzo in this video, but I sure was in need of some helping hands, and you all saved my life.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Peace and love,





  • MJ says:

    Just love this video…..and some people think animals don’t undestand. Glad you have such caring people in your life. You’re blessed.

  • Bill Zaccagnino says:

    I assume you include Brock among your friends who helped you recover so quickly…just like Gonzo and Poncho.

    Also, I am truly grateful for your quick recovery.

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