Epiphany Sunday, January 6, 2013

Epiphany for many people signals the day we take down our Christmas trees, and that may be true enough.  But Epiphany is so much more, including the date we celebrate the three kings who came to visit the newborn Jesus bearing gifts. Thinking about the wise men and their gifts begs the question, “What gifts do we bring to the new-born King?”

Epiphany also celebrates the extension of salvation to the Gentiles – which includes me and all others who are non-Israelite people. This begs the question, “Is anyone excluded from being among that nation?” and the simple – but profound – answer, “No!”

We’ll be taking down the Christmas link from the blog and replacing it with a new link I’m working on, but before we officially leave this beautiful season of the year, enjoy this precious little New Zealand interpretation of the Birth of Christ.

Peace friends,




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