Think Blink (Creative Commons)

I have a good friend from Northern Virginia named Michelle.  For years Michelle dated – and dated seriously – a man named David who lived in Canada.  They would talk every day by phone.  Email throughout the day.  Text thoughts as mundane as what the weather was doing … as sincere as their growing solid love for each other.  Michelle would travel to chilly Canada.  David would come south as often as he could.

One day Michelle called and asked if I would meet her for lunch.  “Absolutely!” was always my response whenever I had the chance to  catch up with her.  After a flurry of updates, Michelle finally looked at me across the table, put her hands on mine and quietly said, “I blinked.”  I could tell that whatever Michelle was trying to convey to me was serious – but I just couldn’t grasp what she meant.  “I blinked,” she said.

“Forgive me if I’m being obtuse,” I said, “but what are you trying to tell me?”

“I’m moving to Canada.”  I threw my head back in laughter so that the whole restaurant had to wonder what on earth Michelle had just said to me! It really had been just a matter of time until one of them would give in.  I could tell they were soul mates, madly in love with each other, perfectly suited to share a life together forever … the only problem was a thousand miles between them, until Michelle blinked.  She told David, “Okay, I’m coming to Canada, but only if you get me a puppy – and you walk him!”

And she moved!   Michelle and David are happily living on the other side of our northern border, I’m guessing with an adorable puppy which David dutifully walks even on those cold Canadian mornings!

Life moves fast, doesn’t it?  I hear it all the time:

  • How did I get so old?
  • I’m not ready to retire?
  • I’m not old enough to be a grandparent!
  • The kids grew up so fast, just yesterday we were driving them to soccer games (or changing their diapers)!
  • I was walking by a plate glass window and wondered who that reflection was in the window?
  • How did my parents get so old?

Life moves fast.  In the blink of an eye, it seems, we can be caught off guard wondering why we left things unsaid, or deeds not accomplished? How did life get away from me?

Well, my advice is to give in – do it.  Whatever it is.  But especially, say “I love you.”  Tell him or her what they mean to you.  Don’t wait.  One of you blink and just do it.

If we’ve learned anything in the past few days it is how very precious and fragile every single life is, and how we never know the day nor the hour.  We need to be prepared.  We need to have said whatever is in our hearts.  Mend fences.  Bind together hearts torn apart by neglect.  Whatever it is, do it.

Blink – just blink.  Or, in the blink of an eye, the chance is gone.

Peace friends,




  • MJ says:

    Only you can take a simple conversation and make it a life lesson. THX !

  • Rose says:

    Indeed, indeed – how true this is – life does move so fast, and there is never any going back. Bud and I talk about this often and make it a practice never to separate on unkind words – even if it’s only for one of us to go to the store – because neither of us wants to live with the “if only”. Thanks for this reminder.

  • Bill says:

    Chuck–Thanks. I needed this. It is so true that love is the answer.

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