Post-election Relief

Sam Howzit (Creative Commons)

I walk my dog Brock several times a day. Over the last several months political signs of all ilk sprang up all over the neighborhood. I confess to trying to get Brock to pee on a couple of them, but unfortunately his aim wasn’t always as accurate as it could have been.

But today, the robo-calls have stopped. The partisan signs are slowly coming down, one by one. The leafleting has ceased. The political TV and radio advertisements have vanished. Ahhhh post-election relief!

Please join me in saying a prayer for our country – that we’ll continue to see a government system which is the envy of the world. A democratic system where our elected officials work arm in arm with each other for the greater good of the individuals they represent – us.

Lord God, we, the people of these United States, pray for unity, peace and the prosperity that, we recognize, must come from Your guiding Hand. 

Bless those elected to public office. Grace the leaders of our nation with compassion for those who face challenges, justice for those who long for liberation, and a spirit of respect for all life, the dignity of each person, and the common good. 

In our diversity, please Lord open our eyes to see our unity: one nation, always cognizant that we exist under one God known in a plethora of ways and by myriad names. 

As a new day dawns for our nation, give us a spirit of hope to work together for the good, a spirit of cooperation to move beyond lines drawn by affiliation or particular interest; make us a people united in a common humanity which looks to You, God of Abraham and God of our forebears, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 

In You, O God, we trust and in You, though many, we are one. Amen.

(This prayer was written by Fr. Jim W. Sichko, St. Mark Catholic Church, Richmond, Kentucky.)


Peace friends,



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