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On Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend my nephew Charlie and his dad, my brother-in-law Mike, went kayaking from our lake house to a small island nearby. When they landed, Charlie began to explore the island while his Dad watched the kayaks. I’ve seen people explore the island before, and I myself have kayaked around it many times, especially when the Canada geese hatch their latest brood and they are too irresistible to ignore. (I’ve only been on the island once, since I’m not excited about getting poison ivy!) To his surprise Charlie found a rectangular metal container stuck in one of the trees. Immediately Charlie knew what it was and brought the box back to his Dad so they could open it together. Inside was this note:

Mike McDowell


When Charlie got home he was so excited he couldn’t wait to tell us what he had found. Charlie took out of the cache a box of cards and then, along with his brother and two sisters, looted our house to find some new treasure to put in the lockbox!

I went online and found out that geocaches are currently placed in over 200 countries around the world and on all seven continents, including Antarctica, and the International Space Station. After nearly 13 years of activity there are over 1.9 million active geocaches published on various websites. There are over 5 million geocachers worldwide …. and I’m guessing my four nieces and nephews are now four more of them!

This phenomenon is occurring on seven continents – and in outer space –  and I had never even heard of it … but my ten-year-old nephew had! I love what kids teach us every day. This Thanksgiving weekend I am again reminded of how much I absolutely love all twelve of my nieces and nephews – and all they continue to teach me about the world.

Mike McDowell


I’m gonna give this geocaching a try – maybe you could too. Or if you’ve already had an experience with geocaching please share your story with us all.

Peace friends, and Happy Thanksgiving weekend,



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