What a Gift to be Wanted

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A friend of mine once told me how fortunate I was to have been born into a family where when my parents saw one of their children enter the room, they’d stop whatever they were doing to ask us how we were doing, or what was new. My friend shared that when he walked into a room his father would ask him what (the ‘heck’) he wanted now, or what (the‘heck’) he’d just ‘messed up’ (and believe me, that father didn’t use such polite language.) I have known most of my life my incredible good fortune to be born into a family with parents as loving as ours. As children we always felt welcome. Like we were wanted. Like we had something to contribute. Our parents didn’t raise us to be seen and not heard – our parents wanted to hear from us.

Author Toni Morrissette once said there came a time in her life when she noticed she had become overly critical of her children. She spent a lot of time pointing out what was wrong with them, or what had gone badly, or how they had failed at something. When Toni realized this, she promised herself from that moment on she would make a profound change in her parenting. She decided every time one of her children would walk into the room, she would make a conscience effort to have her eyes light up at their presence. This didn’t mean she would stop parenting, or stop building the character of her children, it simply meant she would show them first and foremost that they mattered, that they were indeed loved. What a gift to be wanted. I’m sure that this change in parenting style profoundly impacted Toni’s children, as well as those of us who have benefited from her insight.

We all have a choice to make. Will our children – or any of our loved ones – cringe when they walk in the room with us, because they are preparing themselves for another round of criticism? Or, will they feel that they matter, because our eyes light up when they walk in the room? Will they know that they are a gift? That they have something positive to contribute?

That’s how God feels about us. God delights in us. Loves us. Loves it when we walk in the room with Him, and when we pause for a moment to acknowledge Him and feel His love for us. What a gift to be wanted. What a gift to be wanted by God!

Thank You, God for loving us and showing us with Your very life how much we matter.

Peace friends,



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