Heroes One and All

DVIDSHUB (Creative Commons)


It’s late Halloween night, and all evening excited costumed kids knocked on my door as they trick-or-treated. What a relief Halloween happened, because it almost didn’t. Weather experts tell us that Hurricane Sandy, which smacked us on the east coast October 29th, was the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, as well as the second-costliest in history (surpassed only by Hurricane Katrina, 2005). One hundred and eight-five people lost their lives in what some survivors will remember for the rest of their lives as the worst nightmare they’d ever been through. We’re told some folks won’t have power restored for possibly a month. Others lost their homes forever. It’s sobering that in my neck of the woods, here in Virginia, we got off relatively scot free. We had no power for approximately 48 hours, but got it back in time for the annual trick-or-treaters.

In the few short days since the hurricane hit, we are being told of heroic acts performed by everyone from politicians to everyday people like you and me: Mayor Bloomberg for his precautionary steps to keep New Yorkers safe; power workers from all over the country who came to help; Mayor Cory Booker who deployed a team in Newark to ensure that people who are homeless were able to find shelter through the storm; the U.S. Coast Guard for rescuing individuals aboard countless ships which were stranded; the Red Cross volunteers and staff; neighbors who shared candles, flashlights, blankets, the use of their generators; hospital workers and emergency response personal; police officers and fire personnel; schools which opened their doors as shelter and the list goes on and on ….

Thankfully a lot of good is accomplished when a storm of this magnitude hits and proves again that the better angels in all of us can respond when they need to! May these same better angels help propel us into a society where it doesn’t take weather events to inspire us to just do the right thing. I’m thankful for all of those who gave so much and did so much to aid others. You inspire me again.

Prayers for all those still suffering through this.

Prayers for those of us who will respond through the long haul.




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