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Some of you may be familiar with the conservative radio and television broadcaster Paul Harvey, who passed away in 2009.  In his long and successful career, he became famous for his tagline, “ … and now, the rest of the story.”  In the spirit of Paul Harvey’s “and the rest of the story” I’d like to update you all on a blog post from earlier this summer, “Even Mama Bears Have Tough Days.”

  • My one niece previously snubbed by her friends was later invited by another friend to spend a week at the beach.
  • Another niece ridiculed by strangers on her first day of college has become best friends with her roommate, discovered new friends and loves her campus, classes and new life away at school!

What a wonderful thing the gift of time is – time has healed some of the tough human experiences mentioned in that blog post.

Sadly, I have some bad news to share about the bear cub struck by the driver of a truck coming in the opposite direction. I mentioned that I urged the other driver, who struck the cub, to call the police and report the incident.  I waited as he made the call, and as he began to tell the police what had transpired, I felt that I should leave.  I figured he wouldn’t appreciate my hovering over him while he dealt with the police.

Later I shared this story with a few friends and they both looked at me like I was crazy for leaving the cub and the driver without waiting to see what had happened.  Did the cub’s mother show up?  Was animal control able to help? Did they search for the cub in the woods? Was the cub OK?  In other words, how could I leave without finding out the rest of the story?

Sadly, as it turns out, their instincts about sticking around to find out the whole story were more important than any of us realized.

Feeling guilty over not staying or making the call myself or following through more swiftly, I sent an email to the State Police, the local police and the County Sheriff to find out the rest of the story – only to discover that no one had a record of a call that night about a bear cub. The other driver of the truck duped me – he pretended to make a call he never made. And in duping me, he – and I – left a poor hurting bear cub unattended in the wild. I still feel sick over this and have learned a valuable lesson. I promise to never leave a scene such as that until proper authorities have arrived. I’d like to also share that I’d like to find that driver and give him a piece of my mind. Darn him. I hope he has a very good explanation for what he did – and did not – do. In the meantime I’ll pray for him and the bear cub and leave the rest to God, who created both humans and the bear cub. UGH!




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  • Tom says:

    I would like to share what jumps into mind as I read this story. The blog earlier on Forgiveness. One of the hardest person to forgive is the driver who just smacked into your car (or truck) and now you are late for work, have to deal with insurance companies or doctors, and maybe much worse. Fortunately I get to forgive near misses about once a week on a particular turn a few hundred yards from Arlington Diocese chancery building. I find the Forgiveness blog especially useful because it turns the hate into peace. I know God has my back as well otherwise those near misses would be accidents.

    P.S. Maybe you should just write and tell stories. These are great.

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