It Was a Love Thing

NY Daily News

On Friday, August 24th, The New York Daily News reported that a woman realized in the middle of the night that she had accidentally thrown her wedding ring away. Danielle Carroll had been teaching an art class in a New York City park, and her ring must have slipped off when she was cleaning up with her students.  Around 4:00 in the morning, she and her husband went back to the park and searched the trash can she had used.  To her dismay, the trash had already been picked up.  Close to giving up hope, the couple spotted a city Parks Department truck. Thinking that might have been the truck that collected her trash, Danielle left a note on the windshield  saying, “”Hello, I believe my wedding ring is in this truck.”  She included her contact information, and hoped for the best. When City Parks Department Gary Gaddist returned to his truck that morning he read the note and was struck by Danielle’s story. “So I called and she explained everything, about how she lost the ring, and how she couldn’t sleep after realizing it was gone.”

The trouble was, Gary had already taken thousands of pounds of garbage to the City trash collection site at Randall’s Island. Thinking he was truly looking for a needle in a haystack, he went back to Randalls’s and started looking for the clear trash bag that Danielle had described.  Incredibly, he found the bag, and Danielle’s ring.

When asked later why he would go to all that trouble – and mess – he responded, “It was a love thing.” He said, “she sounded like a nice person, and I could tell she and her husband love each other. I’m just glad I could help.”

Help he did. God bless that trash truck driver. That was no small task to go out of his way to track down truckloads of garbage, and then search through pounds of bags to find one small ring. God bless this guy for doing so. It made the couple’s day, and made my day too when I read the story. It got me to thinking how often we all do things out of habit or duty. Moms. Dads. Children. Teachers. Volunteers. Ordinary individuals just going about our day-to-day tasks. How much more meaningful would everything we do be if we did them because it was a love thing?  What if we did things not so much out of a sense of responsibility, but rather from a sense of love. Taking out the trash … changing diapers…  helping a child with homework …  helping a grandparent (or me!) with another computer-related-question … commuting to work … working two jobs to make ends meet. Everything.

Everything God did was out of Love. God created us out of Love. Gave us life out of Love. God journeys with us throughout life out of Love. Feeds us spiritually out of Love.  Gave His life – suffered, died and rose again for us out of Love. Everything. Out. Of. Love.

Let’s all pray for one another that everything we do today would be A Love Thing.






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