I was ordained a Catholic priest in May 1990 and assigned to a suburban church in Fairfax, Virginia.  One of the first people I met on staff was a woman who was responsible for managing the Family Life Ministry.  After working together for a few months, Shari turned to me and said, “We’re connectors you and me – we connect people.”I thought for a moment and agreed that was indeed one of the many things I enjoyed about being a priest – meeting one person in our community with a specific need and finding a second person who could help the first.  Seeing a parent facing a parenting challenge, and connecting her with someone who’d been through the same thing. Counseling a young man dealing with addiction, and being able to connect him with someone who not only had been through it, but who also had offered to help anyone else facing that issue.  Connecting a single dad struggling to share his faith with his children with a mentor, connecting a homeless teen with a stable landing spot, connecting a couple hoping to start a family with adoption resources …  no matter the situation, the possibilities for making connections were endless. That’s one of the reasons I love ministering in the same part of the world where I grew up –  it’s easier to help people make connections as we navigate this crazy, wacky, wonderful world in which we live.

God has brought us all together for a reason – and I’m excited to find out what that reason is. I’m hoping this blog will serve as one way we can connect with each other.  In the early posts I’d like to bring you up to date on where I’ve been for the last year, including finding out why I have a renewed affinity for all things pig. In later blogs I’ll cover topics that might be controversial, inspirational, challenging, provocative, humorous, or downright zany! It would be great if you would consider posting your comments so together we can continue the connection.  Additionally, please consider subscribing to the blog so you can read them “hot off the press” as it were!

In the meantime please know that I am praying for you.  Please keep me in your prayers as well.




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