Not All Are Merry

Through the years, you’ve heard me share how fortunate I was to have a beautiful childhood. Good parents. Good siblings.  And, to this day, what I like to consider as … Continue Reading →


Look Closer

    You all may or may not have heard about my Diet Coke with Lime addiction.  (Not to be confused with my ice cream addiction!) One of my priest … Continue Reading →


What God Wants for Christmas

  It’s a good thought, isn’t it? What does God want for Christmas?  Hello, everyone! And sorry for the unexpected radio-silence. When I got back on my bike three months … Continue Reading →



  Somehow I let 365 days pass without riding my bike. I know better than to let that happen and still, it did. I’m a survivor of open-heart surgery, I … Continue Reading →



  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Homecoming. What is a Homecoming? Why have one? When do you have one? Who attends a Homecoming? And if you … Continue Reading →


Good Coach

  What’s the definition of a good coach?  David Belisle is the definition of a good coach. Just listen to this speech, which has gone viral. Coach Belisle says the … Continue Reading →


Robin Williams

  Like many of you I find myself thinking about Robin Williams a lot in these days and hours since we heard of his death by suicide on Monday, August … Continue Reading →


Glorious Unfolding

  Perhaps it’s because I just returned from a fun road trip to Wyoming with my eldest niece Lauren, but this video truly touched me. I hope it touches you … Continue Reading →


Road Trip

  A few weeks ago my eldest niece, Lauren, bought a new car when she was home for a week’s vacation with all of us at the lake. I was … Continue Reading →


Toilet Seats

  I have a leaky refrigerator. It cools and freezes things fine enough in the appropriate sections, but I also seem to have this pervasive drip that comes from high … Continue Reading →