Brock the 3rd is settling in.

I one time lasted three days; this time eight

  I one time lasted three days, this time eight. As I shared in the last blog post, the Brock you all have come to know and love died on … Continue Reading →

Brock praying.

RIP Brock II April 1, 2007 – April 7, 2016

  You care for people and animals alike, O Lord. How precious is your unfailing love, O God! Psalm 36: 6-7 In the early winter of 2007, during one of … Continue Reading →

People Matter

A few years ago I received a call from my friend Pat. I love Pat. Have loved her from the moment I met her. A long time ago I managed … Continue Reading →


The Magic of the Season

    The magic of the Christmas season is in the air. Decorations, music, food, TV specials, parties, and so on. Indeed it’s all around us. I for one, love … Continue Reading →


What Does Your Love Look Like?

You may have noticed in the blog post My Parent’s Kitchen table (November 10, 2015), I quote Dr. Brené Brown, sharing how important it is that we know our truth, … Continue Reading →



  Like you, I love autumn. I love the change of seasons and the colors all around us. I found this video and thought you might enjoy it too. The … Continue Reading →


My Parent’s Kitchen Table

  My parents married in the late 1950s and started their family in Springfield, Virginia. One of their first purchases was a picnic table with two side benches. For many … Continue Reading →


A Roof Over Their Heads

When people become homeless – they are not The Homeless. When people become hungry – they are not The Hungry. When people become impoverished – they are not The Impoverished. … Continue Reading →

Look at that neatly mowed lawn!

Seven Bags Full

(written October 19, 2015) As you know, the summer of 2015 was earth’s hottest on record.  (No need for anyone to get their knickers in a twist on that comment; … Continue Reading →